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Was I back

It seems a long time ago since I stopped playing EVE.  Back in January I had this urge to return but never actually did.  EVE is still at the back of my mind, yet there is no interest to return back.  Not to any other game either.


I guess it’s the age; making sure that my habits and interests change (slowly but inexoribly) as time goes by.  It is a good thing because otherwise there’s no “maturing” going on.  Time is being spent in pursuit of other things which have an impact in real life, unlike the efforts in EVE which result in nothing other than lost time.


I was also an avid reader of all the blogs about EVE.  Since the discontinuation of Google Reader I only read Gevlon’s blog.  The guy amazes me because he’s still at it – I would have thought that he’ll burn out sooner but amazingly he has not.  I (almost) enjoy reading his blogs.  I see his attitude very similar to mine and the way he thinks about pvpers and the “for fun” dudes is almost spot-on with mine.  Yet I cannot fathom what’s in it for him, what is he after out of a game?  Certainly a guy with his depth of criticism isn’t doing this just for the isk or any other target the game has to offer?!


We’ll see.