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CTA and 100% tax

Yesterday (Saturday) I logged on to add some skill training to the queue and check mails.  In alliance there was a message that today (Sunday) there were going to be 3 ops.  I made a mental note to check whether on Sunday there was going to be 100% tax on Corp.


And on Sunday, as expected, there was a corp mail by the leader saying that since these ops were important, 100% tax was going to be set ALL DAY to encourage participation in these ops.  Now some things really piss me off about this policy:

Firstly, the moment I see it, I just log off and go to another game.

Secondly, 100% tax affects only those who rat (like me).  I think I’ll be turning miner in view of all these 100%-tax occassions.

Thirdly, any op seems to be a CTA these days.


I just wonder, from a management point of view, how effective is 100% tax to encourage participation.