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A few words that summarise my thoughts on null sec

The following is an entire conversation I had with a friend of mine today, 4th October 2011 at 17:39 EVE time.

[17:39:05]  my friend> ever take part in ctas, han? 🙂

[17:46:42]  Handown> not much

[17:47:18]  Handown? I don’t care about them, had a burn out earlier on, and I don’t give a shit any longer

[17:51:58]  my friend>  null sec alliances are pretty insane regarding ctas

[17:52:08]  my friend>  they think ppl have nothing else to do

[17:52:42]  my friend> and ultimitely all those alliance things are just for few alliance leaders, so you fight in reality for them

[17:57:11]  Handown>  indeed

[17:57:19]  Handown>  that is exactly what I think


To say that I have been thinking about writing a post on this topic for four months!  A couple of words and it delivers it very well.


Maybe I’ll elaborate someday.


My vision is to start an anarchist movement, a New Eden wide rebellion against the alliances, against the frame of mind that numbers are important and that you need to be part of something for anything!  A movement that will return THE Capsuleer in its rightful place, in the centre of EVE, rather than the Alliance, as it is today.


I refuse.  I resist!



Back for a while

I resubscribed after a very good summer period of real life enjoyment.  The sea this summer was exceptionally great with no jellyfish sightings throughout the season.  I could finally enjoy the sea and all its sports without the constant checking for those mean pests!  +1 to God.


I also had time to do hand crafts, some DIY around the house and also sports.  I also tried a couple of new games, most notably Pirates of the Burning Seas.  After Elite, which led me to EVE, Pirates of the Burning Seas has strong resemblance with Sid Meiers’ Pirates, a game which I loved when I was a kid, and I still have installed to this very day.


Pirates of the Burning Seas also thought me a very important lesson.  These are GAMES (lots of stress on this word).  Games are meant to be tried and played thoroughly; losing is also part of the game.  I came across a mission in Pirates of the Burning Seas which I could not muster, and for a while I was starting to get angry about.  Then it dawned on me.  After 2 years playing EVE, I became accustomed to HATE losing; to do everything in my powers to avoid losing.  But these are games, and after all, after loosing many times, I got through and onto the next levels.


EVE and its community of players do not tolerate loss, and this is a very dangerous state of mind.  I cannot say what’s linked with it in scientific or academic terms, but it does not feel right that a game teaches you not to lose.


Let’s see how long EVE will last this time.