This is about EVE Online

Moving on …

Last week saw my main character’s account’s subscription end.

The alt’s account’s subscription ended a month before that but I did not bother to resubscribe.

I also removed all the EVE-related blogs from my rss syndicator.


And I don’t feel any emotion.  I still have images of spaceships in my mind, and images of would-be battles and tactics, and chat lines, but I guess these are the last to die.  The EVE in your mind is the last to die.


I’ve been through this before; I returned after a month.  This time, I don’t think I’ll return.  I’ve changed too much to be able to return, at least in my present state of mind (very positive and healthy) I don’t think I will return.


But why also remove the blogs?

Blogs are the opinions of other players!  Reading them has changed my experience into an unpleasant one, because my perceptions and expectations of the game experience have been changed.  I used to like EVE when I started out; I was a noob but I did not know it.  I did stupid things but I did not care.  Because I could, because EVE allows you to.  Regrettably other players are all too eager to point out all those issues which displeases them, and having so many players, and so many bloggers, you end up reading about displeasure and disappointment about all the features of EVE.


I also do not like MMOs any longer.  When I play a game, I like to immerse myself into my role.  I don’t usually go all out attrition by using the most damage-dealing unit only.  I usually use all the features as they are meant to be used.

EVE is in a state of all-out attrition where players use only those features which give the maximum advantages.  This is quite understandable, yet for an immersion-seeking guy like me, this is not fun after a while.


So, goodbye EVE Online.  You’ll be remembered dearly and you will be truly missed.  I won’t miss the EVE that you have become, but the EVE you were meant to be.


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