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My favourite reads

I have a collection of over 100 blogs related to EVE Online.  I view them in Google Reader and they increase at the average rate of 10 ~ 15 new posts a day.  Some are very active, others haven’t posted in many months.  I keep every one of them, even though they are inactive and I am keen on adding new ones whenever I get the opportunity.


Some have only pictures, others only walls of text, some are long, some are short.  I read them all, or at least browse through them.  Yet the following are those that have stuck in my mind over the past months.


Tiger Ears


PJ is my current favourite.  He does not rant; he does not complain; he does not shed any tears; he does not have any comments in favour or against CCP or the game mechanics; he just writes about his game experiences.  The story evolves fluently and I am left without questions as to what or why.  I avidly look for his new posts every time I load up my RSS syndicator.

PJ has a certain style which is consistent throughout his writing.  He uses adjectives in a way I find interesting.  At first it looked babyish, but now I realise it is much deeper than that.  What I am referring to is his way of writing “I got into my Buzzard covert operations boat”, or “Golem marauder class battleship”, or “glorious leader Fin”.  We all know what a Buzzard or a Golem are, and those who don’t know won’t know what a marauder class battleship or covert operations boat is.  Yet these adjectives, when used consistently, add up to something I still don’t have a word for, but which I like extensively.  I wonder what is the adjective he uses for himself.

Another consistent aspect of PJ’s blog is his way of cropping images.  He always puts them into a rectangle showing the ships’ positions in space and their brackets.  Somehow he always manages to portray the tactical scenario at the time.


PJ makes me want to be in wormholes but I know that when I’ll be living that life it won’t be as fun for me as how I perceive it fun for PJ.  Yet, he’s inspiring, I’d like to write like he does.


Rixx Javix


Eveoganda used to be one of my top favourites.  Recently Rixx seems to have lost the flair he had and is not so appealing to me any longer.  He seems to have stopped aspiring to some higher value and is now shallow, playing for the day.  The fun in Rixx’s writing today is to check what new “cool” thing he will or is currently trying and for how long will he manage to keep at it.


A mule in Eve


The man with a plan!  To me Manasi represents null sec.  I was in Systematic Chaos for a time so I was very interested in reading what he had to say which was related to sys-k.  Unfortunately they closed the alliance, failing to realise that sov-holding alliances should not promote elitism within themselves and they should not focus exclusively on pvp, as all are needed in EVE.  I don’t think he has learnt that lesson yet, but left, so I guess I’ll remain with that question unanswered for a long time.


Zedrik Cayne


Zedrick’s blog climbed to the top with the Joe Show.  Man I sometimes laughed my heart out at what was written!  Now there are the Socratic Files.

I don’t agree with how Zedrik decides to play his game at the expense of other players’ gameplay, I wouldn’t like a leech like him pestering me persistently for weeks on end; yet the reading is hilarious.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my writing, and it’s very flattering to take pride of place in this post.

    03/06/2011 at 18:38

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