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Turrets! Of Autocannons, Blasters and Pulse weapons

This post is dedicated to the analysis of short range turrets.  I have heard many capsuleers talk about the autocannon and how it allows you to dictate range, and about the highly situational nature of the blasters.  I have never until now got their stats in one table and did my own comparisons.  So here it is, for my own benefit not to lose the information gathered, and for all you my readers.

The analysis considers small turrets only, keeping in mind that the pattern repeats itself on the mediums and heavy guns.  It also considers the T2 versions; once again the ratios remain the same across the whole meta range.  Also note that these are the base values which will be modified through the skills; again, the ratios remain unaltered for the same skill levels.

Tracking (rad/s)
Name of turret Value %
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.417 1.00
Light Electron Blaster II 0.365 0.88
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.362 0.87
Light Ion Blaster II 0.336 0.81
Light Neutron Blaster II 0.317 0.76
200mm AutoCannon II 0.315 0.76
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.308 0.74
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.274 0.66
Medium Pulse Laser II 0.246 0.59

We start by looking at tracking.  This number represents how fast a turret is able to rotate.  In practical terms it relates to how fast and close a ship can orbit you and still be hit.  The higher it is, the better.

Optimal range (m)
Name of turret Value %
Medium Pulse Laser II 6000 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 5400 0.90
Gatling Pulse Laser II 4800 0.80
Light Neutron Blaster II 1800 0.30
Light Ion Blaster II 1500 0.25
Light Electron Blaster II 1200 0.20
200mm AutoCannon II 1200 0.20
150mm Light AutoCannon II 1080 0.18
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 960 0.16

Optimal range is also a value taken directly from the stats of the items.  This represents how far out the turret can throw its damage.  At this range, full damage can be dealt.  Complementing this is the falloff value, also very important, but due to the high optimal of the pulse weapons, falloff of the others becomes irrelevant.

Name of turret Value %
Light Neutron Blaster II 1.20 1.00
Light Ion Blaster II 1.13 0.94
Light Electron Blaster II 1.05 0.88
Medium Pulse Laser II 1.03 0.86
200mm AutoCannon II 0.92 0.77
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.89 0.74
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.88 0.73
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.86 0.71
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.83 0.69

This value is calculated by taking the ‘damage modifier’ and dividing it by the ‘rate of fire’.  The higher this number, the more damage per second the turret does.  In this category nothing beats the blasters.

Tracking DPS
Name of turret Value %
Light Electron Blaster II 0.383 1.00
Light Neutron Blaster II 0.380 0.99
Light Ion Blaster II 0.378 0.99
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.344 0.90
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.318 0.83
200mm AutoCannon II 0.291 0.76
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.264 0.69
Medium Pulse Laser II 0.253 0.66
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.243 0.63

Whilst DPS is important, it quickly becomes irrelevant if you cannot hit your target.  In this table, we take the DPS calculated earlier and multiply it with the tracking speed.  The higher the number, the more we are assured that our damage hits the target.  A major assumption of this table is that the target is within the optimal range of the guns.  Once again, in this category nothing beats the blasters and the pulse weapons lose their position to the autocannons.  Consider this table if you are sure you are the one to dictate range during the engagement.

Range Tracking DPS
Name of turret Value %
Medium Pulse Laser II 1773.0 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 1496.5 0.84
Gatling Pulse Laser II 1333.7 0.75
Light Neutron Blaster II 1158.4 0.65
200mm AutoCannon II 1047.8 0.59
150mm Light AutoCannon II 1043.3 0.59
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 1018.3 0.57
Light Ion Blaster II 945.0 0.53
Light Electron Blaster II 747.3 0.42

Sometimes it is very difficult to get close to a target for using effectively the blasters.  It is very common to find yourself between 5km and 10km from a target, and this is a good range if you want to use your full ship speed, maintain a decent orbit, and make effective use of the speed tanking tactic.  It is also important to make sure that your guns are tracking effectively the target, otherwise it becomes useless to shoot.

This table considers all these factors.  The value represents DPS x optimal range x tracking.

Range Tracking
Name of turret Value %
Gatling Pulse Laser II 741 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 624 0.84
Medium Pulse Laser II 493 0.66
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 411 0.56
Light Electron Blaster II 356 0.48
150mm Light AutoCannon II 351 0.47
200mm AutoCannon II 302 0.41
Light Ion Blaster II 280 0.38
Light Neutron Blaster II 276 0.37

If you are looking for a gun that hits something no matter what, the Gatling Pulse Laser II is the one for you.  This table considers only range and tracking.  High ranking guns in this table could be ideal to get those troublesome drones off your back, or scare away that tackler!


3 responses

  1. Yarrik

    could you provide the rest of the numbers?

    23/06/2011 at 12:09

    • Dear Yarrik,

      thank you for you comment and interest in my blog. From my experience in EVE Online, the numbers do not matter as much as the comparison between the various items. For example, if you want damage at range, your best bet is the beam lasers. If you are expecting close range combat, or fast orbiting ships or drones, other turrets might be more suitable. The actual range number becomes slightly irrelevant; I only check it upon loading ammo to know the range I should fly at, nothing more. Anyways, if you would like the spreadsheet, let me have your email address.

      23/06/2011 at 20:28

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