This is about EVE Online

A warm welcome

As a player who has been around the EVE Universe for many months, I have what are called Jump Clones.  These are clones of your body that you leave at convenient stations anywhere in New Eden.  When needed you can leave your current body in another station and jump to another body somewhere else.  It’s like your soul leaving one body and going in another body, in an instant.  You are limited to one jump per 24 hours.

Having been in DION for some months, I had 2 jump clones near their base of operations.  On Saturday I jumped to one of them because I wanted to sort out some assets.  If there is one thing I hate a lot is a long assets list; so I try to gather everything in few convenient places as much as possible.

So I jumped to my jump clone in 2P-.  DION are based in A-S, one jump away towards Cloud Ring.  So I made my way to A-S in a velator.  As expected their scout was stationed in 2P- cloaked, watching just in case any nice catch was flowing by.  Most probably there was “Handown, Velator, 2P” in the intel channel at the moment I undocked.

I was not expecting very warm welcomes, or anything for that matter; a simple “hello; hi; hallo; o/” would have been enough.  After all I did not leave as an enemy.  It is also true, I was now neutral to them, but still, the name should mean something!

Anyways, I docked up in A-S had a look around, then got the stealth bomber ready for undocking.  As soon as I did I found the CEO and one of his hound dogs waiting for me by the station.  As soon as I broke the session timer, insta lock and pointed; so naturally my reaction, dock again.  I know these guys can wait for many minutes for any kill, and that night I did not want to engage my old mates – because friendship and relationships to me mean something!  So me being way past those beginner’s days when I want to do something at all costs, and knowing that those guys would wait me out, I just left the client running all night, docked up in station.  I think they had a very enjoyable night.  Still nothing in local.

Then in the morning I checked back.  There was my old friend, to whom I said “hi”.  The guy seemed cautious and he offered me free passage out of A-S.  I said that I don’t need his acknowledgement or permission to fly wherever I want and whenever I want to, also in relative safety.  Still I reiterated my “hi” and this time he said it back.  We exchanged “fly safes” and that was it, I was on my way.

What really makes me wonder are the following questions that this incident brought up in my mind:

1. Is this all for the players I am sharing this game with?  All that matters is the killmail, no matter who’s on it?

2. Do they really think that I do not know how to fly?  A-S was my home for many months, don’t they think I know the place?  Is this what they think of their members?

On my way out I met a couple of goons in another system.  As soon as I jumped in I got:

[16:30:11] Razzor Death > handown

[16:30:14] Razzor Death > pod me on station

Do I look like I’m one to go looking for kills just for the lolz??  Just because YOU do that, doesn’t mean I do it too!


2 responses

  1. poopdawg

    Razzor was just asking for some assistance so he didn’t have to wait out the self destruct timer on his pod. Why you gotta be suck a jerk homie? 😦

    03/04/2011 at 20:45

    • Could be, but he/she wasn’t alone in system.

      03/04/2011 at 20:48

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