This is about EVE Online


Syndicate is a region within New Eden, one of the many.  It has NPC sovereignty so there is no sov warfare going on.  Yet it is full of traffic and fights and you should live there if you are looking for daily fights.

I live in Syndicate.

But I am not looking for daily fights.

The fights come and go with the roaming gangs.  Sometimes you get entire fleets sniffing around looking for prey, sometimes you get the occassional dude flying solo looking for a kill, sometimes you get the occassional dude flying through minding his/her own business.  Sometimes you get nothing at all, though these are very rare occassions.

Besides, and I found this true for all other 0.0 locations, whether under player or NPC sov, is that the market lacks many things, or otherwise are expensive.  This poses great limitations to the casual player.  For example, since moving to Syndicate over 2 months ago, I haven’t flown anything except the original ship I got here (a battleship, a battlecruiser and a cruiser).  At 35 million skill points I can get in and out alive most of the time and I can get all that I want, but it’s a hassle I’m not ready to go through (hassle in the sense of hours of preparation and execution just to move stuff).

Do I want to stay in Syndicate?

I do not know the answer to this question.  All I know is that the looking-forward-to-EVE emotion has gone and infact I have also cancelled my account subscription as I am not feeling that this game will take me anywhere – infact I have started to regret the time I spend online, realising that this is at the expense of other, more worthwhile time spent doing other things.  I have until the 4th April paid up and that’s all the time EVE has to convince me to stay.

Was this the result of Syndicate?

Could be, but I feel it is more the shoot-the-shit-out-of-anything-that-is-not-blue-just-for-the-lolz attitude of many players of <0.5 New Eden, which is completely opposite to my inner calling.

Are you part of that community of players?


Corp problems?

Definitely not, the guys are a nice bunch.

What are your present feelings?

Anger, disappointment, frustration.  I have to think hard for any positive emotion to list.  The best time of my online experience has been in empire during my noob days.

Fun anywhere?

Please define fun.

What next?

I don’t know.  Maybe try a couple of other games, maybe be back, maybe not.  Maybe I’ll mature and never look at gaming any more, prefering something more practical, skillful and real, maybe I’ll die just after posting this.


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