This is about EVE Online

My first post

Hello New Eden,

this is my first post.  I am a daily reader of blogs related to EVE Online.  In the large majority all these blogs have one thing in common; pvp.  What angers me is that all these people make it sound like the pvp gamestyle is the cool thing, actually the only cool thing.

I am not a capsuleer to sit back and believe what I am told, I have to try it out.  I’ve tried much of what the pvpers do, and for me, it’s the most disappointing experience I have every experienced (gamewise).  The enormous waste of time spent in chasing shadows, roaming around endless systems with nobody in sight (and I am talking in Syndicate and other hotspots), staring at bubbles at gate camps waiting for that one neut/red ship every hour …  To me, pvp has been the most boring part of the game.

This has also been an emotional challenge as I ask myself why I have to be the only one feeling like this.  Yet I have also come to the realisation that my feelings are shared by most of the population of New Eden, especially those that are expected to join in the “fun”.  But very few seem to have the balls to rebel to this …

Anyways, in the course of my musings, I hope to shed light on aspects of life in New Eden, as I see them.  I’m tired of hearing the rant of others, especially of the pvper-bloggers; those are the worst kind as they make it sound as though they are the victims.

Hope you enjoy my insights.


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