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I would appreciate any donations of bitcoin you can spare so that I can continue running this computer and also get some bitcoins to use in this exciting economy.  My wallet address is: 1MwGNsenPT413GtqptTJ5t75JuHshRL8VP

Was I back

It seems a long time ago since I stopped playing EVE.  Back in January I had this urge to return but never actually did.  EVE is still at the back of my mind, yet there is no interest to return back.  Not to any other game either.


I guess it’s the age; making sure that my habits and interests change (slowly but inexoribly) as time goes by.  It is a good thing because otherwise there’s no “maturing” going on.  Time is being spent in pursuit of other things which have an impact in real life, unlike the efforts in EVE which result in nothing other than lost time.


I was also an avid reader of all the blogs about EVE.  Since the discontinuation of Google Reader I only read Gevlon’s blog.  The guy amazes me because he’s still at it – I would have thought that he’ll burn out sooner but amazingly he has not.  I (almost) enjoy reading his blogs.  I see his attitude very similar to mine and the way he thinks about pvpers and the “for fun” dudes is almost spot-on with mine.  Yet I cannot fathom what’s in it for him, what is he after out of a game?  Certainly a guy with his depth of criticism isn’t doing this just for the isk or any other target the game has to offer?!


We’ll see.

An analysis of turrets’ attributes – 1


A long, long time ago I wrote a post in which I tried to analyse the differences between turrets. I was looking to form my own opinions on the subject, rather than guessing or accepting what others said, especially in a game like EVE Online in which there are many players with opinions. Due to my limitations with the latest developments in software at that time (my skills were focused on C and C++ as applied to science and engineering), I extracted the data manually (from the info page of each item) for the meta 0 items only, and did an analysis with the understanding that the higher meta variants kept their relative differences unchanged – meaning that the meta 0 rankings would still remain true for the meta 5 items. Since I was only interested in the relative comparison between the turrets, and not actually looking for the dps (or any other) value, such a reasoning seemed valid (I still think it is).

Nowadays, I discovered the beauty of SQL together with the EVE data dump, and I am proudly presenting you with the latest analysis, this time including all items. I must admit that spreadsheets were still employed to carry out the sorting and comparison functions, as I am still in the process of learning how to do that directly in SQL. I tell you, if ever you need to learn new software and techniques, do that on the data dump of your favourite MMO! In this regard, a big thank you goes to the authors of this and this post.

So I will be posting a series of articles in order to present the data and make it readable and manageable. The plan for the posts is as follows:

  1. Presentation of the series (this post);
  2. The analytic framework;
  3. Raw data for small turrets;
  4. Analysis, comparison and rankings for small turrets;
  5. Raw data for medium turrets;
  6. Analysis, comparison and rankings for medium turrets;
  7. Raw data for large turrets;
  8. Analysis, comparison and rankings for large turrets;
  9. Raw data, analysis, comparison and rankings for the extra large turrets.

In carrying out my research, I was very frustrated at not finding the raw data readily available for copy-pasting in a spreadsheet. In this series you will find the raw data available for your enjoyment. I also hope to stimulate your creativity in playing with the numbers and come out with your own discoveries and conclusions. Based on feedback and RL time availability, I also plan to carry out a similar study of the numerous hulls available ingame.

Sov mechanics, technetium and null sec politics

Today I read two blog posts about the recent situation between CFC and HBC.  These are the two blocs controlling EVE’s null sec and relations seem to have deteriorated but no true war is forthcoming.

One blog author, Marc Saurus, attributes this to the sovereignty mechanics, quoting the sources as saying that they are not willing to go through the lengthy grind of the mechanic in order to win sov (again).

A war that would’ve involved 20,000 players, 75% of nullsec space, and hundreds of supercapitals was halted not by diplomacy, but by a game mechanic so dreadful that those who have experienced it previously have no desire to do so again.” [Marc Saurus]

The second blog author, Poetic Stanziel, attributes this lack of will to warring to the fact that it will be economically damaging to the big boy, so in the face of such costs the will to war dwindles.

Being in EVE since 2009 – I am now unsubscribed (since a couple of weeks) but follow it attentively out of game – I tend to agree with Poetic Stanziel more.  Before unsubscribing I was in wormholes.  I liked them because they resembled null sec, the place I loved most in EVE.  The place I couldn’t live in due to the way the “leaders” there expect others to play – a requirement which ultimately results in the leaders’ benefit, not the players.  It is always for their benefit, the few who assure for themselves a massive passive income by dictating the gameplay of others.  In the years since I left I had been experiencing a “I can’t live with you – I can’t live without you” situation which ultimately lead to not renewing my subscribtion.

Marc Saurus is also right although he misdiagnosed the situation and put the blame on the game mechanic and CCP.  Sov warfare is an endless grind because the players, the same few who do not want this war and dictate the gameplay of others, made it such by hoarding so much space under one cap.  This in itself is the problem: the sheer quantity of systems that need to be attacked; and not the mechanic.  The mechanic is great when holding or wanting a handful (or a few more) of systems.  In the mechanic systems are owned by Corporations, not alliances.  This was meant to create a dynamic environment in which corps leaving/joining alliances would change the sov scenario and make it highly dynamic.  This mechanic allowed for attacking key corporations, breaking them, thus breaking the alliance.  The leaders do not like this – they want the ultimate control, to the point that even with a few corps they can still hold on to the space until the next bill comes along.  These alliance leaders created the system in which solar systems are held by the alliance’s infrastructure corp, thus avoiding this dynamism and in the process creating the bloc spanning multiple regions.  Corps joining or leaving the alliance do not have an effect on the alliance’s holdings.  THIS is the problem.

The tendency (or drive by the few in safeguarding their interests) for the focus to be on alliances rather than corps.  THIS is the problem.

Can I do something about it?

Poetic Stanziel referred to moon resources (in particular technetium) as the reason behind it.

The only reason why this war will not happen is because of technetium. The Mittani can try to spin it any way he wants. As crappy as the sovereignty mechanics in EVE Online may be, it certainly did not stop The Mittani from prosecuting several wars to capture more of New Eden’s technetium supply. And at least one war to protect the tech cartel he helped create.” [Poetic Stanziel]

Technetium inevitably pops up whenever null politics is discussed.  The location of this (and other valuable) mineral is unknown to the common folk – those who would eagerly harass the establishment through guerrilla tactics.  Its location is a heavily guarded secret and whoever has this information will not divulge it readily.  This is also part of the information that keeps the large null sec alliance beyond the reach of the smaller ones.

I believe in the old adage that information is power (or a good part of it).  I think that if the location of moon minerals is known with precision, initiatives for targeted attacks will arise and a serious challenge to the establishment can be created.  The biggest threat will be from those whose only aim will be to watch the world burn, and for these guys I’ll be acting!

The Moon Survey Project

I will return to the game and start a survey of the moons in the North of New Eden and publish here, for public knowledge, my findings.  You can help too, by doing the same and posting your own findings.  Most importantly I urge you to use my findings and get a fleet to disable these POSes, or go do some other damage and harassment.

THEY deserve nothing better.  Because null sec is ours, not theirs.  It is mine too!

New Eden Open

I am seeing New Eden Open tournament.  I really wish to participate in such events but my circle of EVE friends is not connected to the people that participate, and as always in EVE, solo gets you nowhere.  It is a sad and sometimes frustrating feeling.

My bio

I am removing the information on the char’s bio page and putting it here for safe keeping.


I can engage you with a railgun or a cock – you won’t know the difference – either way you’re fucked!
But I won’t, because I can control myself, and am not a trigger-happy idiot chasing a meaningless, useless killmail.

And I have a blog too: One capsuleer against all.

By the way, I’m not participating in your CTAs or roams, and I’m not aroused by the prospects of fights and killmails!

Of all the riches and possibilities within null sec, players chose to make it a combat arena. What a pity and short-sightedness.

I’ve been in 2 major null sec alliances that failcascaded – all because the focus was on pvp – when will YOU learn!

Can one have two personalities (and still be called a sane person)?

In reading about EVE Online, especially the debates amongst players-bloggers on their blogs about whether the behaviour in-game reflects one’s real life personality, there seems to be the understanding, accepted as true, that players are allowed to have a separate personality in the game world.  These go to lengths in explaining that griefing (and doing all sorts of bad things to) other players is ok because that is the game world, and there are no real world repercussions because after all, this is just a game!

I have tried it myself.  I have tried griefing, I have tried being part of null sec alliance, I have tried doing what others command, just to be part of the team, I have tried playing all those style which other players, especially the most loud and verbose of the pvpers and (some) bloggers call fun.  As a general conclusion, I cannot behave in a way which is different from that which comes natural to me.  I repeat, I CANNOT behave in two different ways in-game and in the real world.  I cannot even manage to have two accounts which behave differently from each other.  I have settled with two accounts which complement each other.

To clarify a little bit, it’s not the behaviour that I cannot do; it’s what comes afterwards, the conscience if you may.  That stays the same, no matter how much you try.  If you behave in a way which goes against your inner set of rules, you will feel it.  Conversely, if you behave repeatedly in a bad way, even in game, you don’t have those internal set of rules which make you a good decent person.

You’d say that this is a wild conclusion based only on my personal experience.  How can I generalise based on one, my own, experience.  Well, I tell you that based on my same experiences, there are certain realities which are true to all, and this is one of them.

So stop justifying your bad, psychopatic behaviour as ok because it’s ingame.  If that excuse consoles you, well I tell you that you have done a good job in killing your conscience, and that I do not want to meet you in real life, because deep down, you’re bad.  Yes you are!  Unless you are perfectly capable of having multiple personalities, in which case I also do not want to meet you, for obvious reasons.

CTA and 100% tax

Yesterday (Saturday) I logged on to add some skill training to the queue and check mails.  In alliance there was a message that today (Sunday) there were going to be 3 ops.  I made a mental note to check whether on Sunday there was going to be 100% tax on Corp.


And on Sunday, as expected, there was a corp mail by the leader saying that since these ops were important, 100% tax was going to be set ALL DAY to encourage participation in these ops.  Now some things really piss me off about this policy:

Firstly, the moment I see it, I just log off and go to another game.

Secondly, 100% tax affects only those who rat (like me).  I think I’ll be turning miner in view of all these 100%-tax occassions.

Thirdly, any op seems to be a CTA these days.


I just wonder, from a management point of view, how effective is 100% tax to encourage participation.

A few words that summarise my thoughts on null sec

The following is an entire conversation I had with a friend of mine today, 4th October 2011 at 17:39 EVE time.

[17:39:05]  my friend> ever take part in ctas, han? :)

[17:46:42]  Handown> not much

[17:47:18]  Handown? I don’t care about them, had a burn out earlier on, and I don’t give a shit any longer

[17:51:58]  my friend>  null sec alliances are pretty insane regarding ctas

[17:52:08]  my friend>  they think ppl have nothing else to do

[17:52:42]  my friend> and ultimitely all those alliance things are just for few alliance leaders, so you fight in reality for them

[17:57:11]  Handown>  indeed

[17:57:19]  Handown>  that is exactly what I think


To say that I have been thinking about writing a post on this topic for four months!  A couple of words and it delivers it very well.


Maybe I’ll elaborate someday.


My vision is to start an anarchist movement, a New Eden wide rebellion against the alliances, against the frame of mind that numbers are important and that you need to be part of something for anything!  A movement that will return THE Capsuleer in its rightful place, in the centre of EVE, rather than the Alliance, as it is today.


I refuse.  I resist!


Back for a while

I resubscribed after a very good summer period of real life enjoyment.  The sea this summer was exceptionally great with no jellyfish sightings throughout the season.  I could finally enjoy the sea and all its sports without the constant checking for those mean pests!  +1 to God.


I also had time to do hand crafts, some DIY around the house and also sports.  I also tried a couple of new games, most notably Pirates of the Burning Seas.  After Elite, which led me to EVE, Pirates of the Burning Seas has strong resemblance with Sid Meiers’ Pirates, a game which I loved when I was a kid, and I still have installed to this very day.


Pirates of the Burning Seas also thought me a very important lesson.  These are GAMES (lots of stress on this word).  Games are meant to be tried and played thoroughly; losing is also part of the game.  I came across a mission in Pirates of the Burning Seas which I could not muster, and for a while I was starting to get angry about.  Then it dawned on me.  After 2 years playing EVE, I became accustomed to HATE losing; to do everything in my powers to avoid losing.  But these are games, and after all, after loosing many times, I got through and onto the next levels.


EVE and its community of players do not tolerate loss, and this is a very dangerous state of mind.  I cannot say what’s linked with it in scientific or academic terms, but it does not feel right that a game teaches you not to lose.


Let’s see how long EVE will last this time.

Moving on …

Last week saw my main character’s account’s subscription end.

The alt’s account’s subscription ended a month before that but I did not bother to resubscribe.

I also removed all the EVE-related blogs from my rss syndicator.


And I don’t feel any emotion.  I still have images of spaceships in my mind, and images of would-be battles and tactics, and chat lines, but I guess these are the last to die.  The EVE in your mind is the last to die.


I’ve been through this before; I returned after a month.  This time, I don’t think I’ll return.  I’ve changed too much to be able to return, at least in my present state of mind (very positive and healthy) I don’t think I will return.


But why also remove the blogs?

Blogs are the opinions of other players!  Reading them has changed my experience into an unpleasant one, because my perceptions and expectations of the game experience have been changed.  I used to like EVE when I started out; I was a noob but I did not know it.  I did stupid things but I did not care.  Because I could, because EVE allows you to.  Regrettably other players are all too eager to point out all those issues which displeases them, and having so many players, and so many bloggers, you end up reading about displeasure and disappointment about all the features of EVE.


I also do not like MMOs any longer.  When I play a game, I like to immerse myself into my role.  I don’t usually go all out attrition by using the most damage-dealing unit only.  I usually use all the features as they are meant to be used.

EVE is in a state of all-out attrition where players use only those features which give the maximum advantages.  This is quite understandable, yet for an immersion-seeking guy like me, this is not fun after a while.


So, goodbye EVE Online.  You’ll be remembered dearly and you will be truly missed.  I won’t miss the EVE that you have become, but the EVE you were meant to be.

My favourite reads

I have a collection of over 100 blogs related to EVE Online.  I view them in Google Reader and they increase at the average rate of 10 ~ 15 new posts a day.  Some are very active, others haven’t posted in many months.  I keep every one of them, even though they are inactive and I am keen on adding new ones whenever I get the opportunity.


Some have only pictures, others only walls of text, some are long, some are short.  I read them all, or at least browse through them.  Yet the following are those that have stuck in my mind over the past months.


Tiger Ears


PJ is my current favourite.  He does not rant; he does not complain; he does not shed any tears; he does not have any comments in favour or against CCP or the game mechanics; he just writes about his game experiences.  The story evolves fluently and I am left without questions as to what or why.  I avidly look for his new posts every time I load up my RSS syndicator.

PJ has a certain style which is consistent throughout his writing.  He uses adjectives in a way I find interesting.  At first it looked babyish, but now I realise it is much deeper than that.  What I am referring to is his way of writing “I got into my Buzzard covert operations boat”, or “Golem marauder class battleship”, or “glorious leader Fin”.  We all know what a Buzzard or a Golem are, and those who don’t know won’t know what a marauder class battleship or covert operations boat is.  Yet these adjectives, when used consistently, add up to something I still don’t have a word for, but which I like extensively.  I wonder what is the adjective he uses for himself.

Another consistent aspect of PJ’s blog is his way of cropping images.  He always puts them into a rectangle showing the ships’ positions in space and their brackets.  Somehow he always manages to portray the tactical scenario at the time.


PJ makes me want to be in wormholes but I know that when I’ll be living that life it won’t be as fun for me as how I perceive it fun for PJ.  Yet, he’s inspiring, I’d like to write like he does.


Rixx Javix


Eveoganda used to be one of my top favourites.  Recently Rixx seems to have lost the flair he had and is not so appealing to me any longer.  He seems to have stopped aspiring to some higher value and is now shallow, playing for the day.  The fun in Rixx’s writing today is to check what new “cool” thing he will or is currently trying and for how long will he manage to keep at it.


A mule in Eve


The man with a plan!  To me Manasi represents null sec.  I was in Systematic Chaos for a time so I was very interested in reading what he had to say which was related to sys-k.  Unfortunately they closed the alliance, failing to realise that sov-holding alliances should not promote elitism within themselves and they should not focus exclusively on pvp, as all are needed in EVE.  I don’t think he has learnt that lesson yet, but left, so I guess I’ll remain with that question unanswered for a long time.


Zedrik Cayne


Zedrick’s blog climbed to the top with the Joe Show.  Man I sometimes laughed my heart out at what was written!  Now there are the Socratic Files.

I don’t agree with how Zedrik decides to play his game at the expense of other players’ gameplay, I wouldn’t like a leech like him pestering me persistently for weeks on end; yet the reading is hilarious.

BlogBanter 26: EVE … beautiful …

Welcome to the twenty-sixth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux.  The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic.  The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read!  Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to  Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month’s topic was proposed by @KatiaSae of the much praised “To Boldly Go” blog.  Katia asks: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  As an astrophotographer, I’ve found it in the stars and planets of New Eden.  Where have you found it?  Perhaps you’ve found beauty in the ships we fly?  Maybe it’s the sight of profits being added to your bottom line?  Or maybe it’s the pilot portraits you see in the comm channels?  Where ever you’ve found it, write about it and post an image.”  Don’t be afraid go beyond the simple visual aspects of EVE as well.  Is the EVE Community in itself a thing of beauty?  What makes EVE the game, the world, the Community, so appealing to you?

Handown’s answer:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I will tell you about what I found beautiful in EVE Online during my existence as a pod pilot (note the past tense).  I start through this argument.  We are all human beings looking for entertainment through a computer game.  As such, there is the underlying humanity of us beings, and as an older blog banter tried to ask, I do not think that a person can actually behave any different than his/her real self in an online game.  If this is the case, it’s a mental case.  Anyways, there are some underlying realities common between all of us pod pilots, and these realities are true both in real life and online.

Let us take relationships.  In particular, me being a male and all, I’ll use as an example the relationship between and man and a woman from the perspective of a man.  How does a relationship with a girl start?  “She hits your eye” would be a word-for-word translation from my native language (Maltese) to English.  There’s beauty written all over her and you want to get to know her, you want to spend time with her, think about her when you are doing other things, etc, etc … You all know the feeling I suppose.  Well after some time, maybe years, things change (no reference to better or worse is made here).  Your eye is not hit as much, although it is still pleased, but the woman starts to mean something else beyond the physical properties.  As time goes on, well, all this evolves into something, which is beyond the scope of this blog today.

My relationship with EVE Online is very similar to the above example.  I had a couple of games prior to EVE, and they were of the online-multiplayer type.  Note I am not saying MMO here as for me this is different.  Take a game like World in Conflict, you log on to a server, choose a room, participate in the fight, and that’s it.  The next game is with different people, maybe different map, but whether you win or you lose, you are not better or worse off, except for standings and rankings, which in effect do not mean anything, and maybe mood.  I am currently playing World of Tanks.  It is very similar to the above concept: you log in, shoot a couple of red tanks, and log off.  If you win the battle you earn experience points and credits which you need to research better tanks and modules; if you lose a battle you earn a few experience points and enough credits to repair your tanks, replenish the ammo, and have a couple of hundreds left.  Anyway it goes, you do not lose anything.

EVE Online is different.  It is a persistent environment and depending on the case, you stand to lose.

How did I come to meet her?

I was past my first session of examinations after many years of professional work life.  It was a Masters Degree course at the University by evening classes.  After this first session of stress (I had 6 such sessions in total) I saw a banner on some website saying “EVE Online, the universe is yours”.  I said to myself “What is EVE?”, “Is it the name of a game?”, “Who calls his game EVE, like a woman’s name?”

Anyways, I clicked, I downloaded the client, I registered and ran it the first time.

Wow, this is just like Elite!  The spaceships game I had on the Amiga way back in the early nineties.  I loved that game.  You could do anything in that game.  I liked that, and EVE was just like that, so I liked it too – you can say love at first sight.  I won’t bore you with my stupidities as a noob (btw, noob was a word I learned on EVE, as is btw, and all the other keyboard shortcuts to express emotions)  Man I still can’t understand how you can express yourself through lol, rofl, lmao, :), :P, ;P etc.  You kids are really weird sometimes.  (Just as a side note, I hear you kids drop your girls through SMS these days … in my days we had to face her either in person or on the phone to tell her that its over)

Anyways, EVE was beautiful (again, please note the past tense).  I liked the concept of player-driven market.  I liked the concept of a persistent universe with more than 60000 systems.  I liked the concept that you can own space for yourself.  I liked the concept of skill training, jump clones, implants, CONCORD, the 4 empires, Jove, the whole standings mechanism, the whole physics engine behind the game (although it lacks in immersion – for example I would add line-of-fire to the turrets in such a way that if a friendly or drone lies between your turret and your target at time of firing, it gets the damage – bye bye blobs … if only CCP would listen).  I liked it all.

Then one fine day I received an ingame mail.  I contacted the character who sent it and started a chat.  Believe it or not, I asked him/her whether he/she was a bot :)  This was at a time when I was still trying to fit a large autocannon on my velator and did not know how to place ammo in a gun – such was my level of noobness.  Anyways, this character was a recruiter and I joined this corp.  13 jumps or so away from Algogille at a time when autopilot was a completely alien concept to me.  Oh my first corporation!  I loved EVE even more for it.  I was a good corp member at the time, happy about the tax I paid, about my free contributions “for the corp”, etc  EVE was just addictive at this point.  I just could not stay away from my PC, both in body and mind.  Work started to feel my lack of attention and wife started to wonder who this EVE was and where I had met her (lol).  I was even entrusted the reigns of the corp as a CEO.

Then came null sec.  How can a game turn so sour?  All of a sudden this game became a chore, it is not a way to spend time idling anymore, it’s almost become a job.  Null sec leadership expect things of you – are we serious?!  This is a game, it does not have to mean anything to anyone other than a pass time.  These guys do things which are uncomprehensible to me in a game environment.

Then came the pvper/carebear distinction.  Hell this is outright ridiculous!  Why do I have to justify my gamestyle to anyone, let alone be reprimanded for behaving in a certain way.

At this point the relationship with EVE is past the hit-the-eye stage and it’s into the getting to know the real woman behind the makeup. A certain feeling started emerging in me, a feeling of “wtf?!”  By this time I was past the 20 million skillpoints mark, and had started to level up to 5 many high-ranking skills.

The final insult to injury came at this point.  It was not that I did not know about it, but I had to try it for myself to verify.  This is the realisation that solo you do not stand a chance, not even in the best fitted and most expensive ship hull.  Not that in itself it is an issue, as is the fact that “you do not stand a chance”.  A chance for what you ask?  A chance for winning, whatever winning is to you.  Think about it, have you ever felt that you won something in this game?  I’m not saying winning at skirmish or battle level, it’s more at the high level strategic level.  You are never any better, whatever your choice of game style.  It is always the same, you’re always running in circles. In fact, after some years people just quit, and that’s saying lots.

Nowadays I’m not subscribed to EVE anymore.  I still read many blogs about it daily, but I’m having a well deserved break.

Is EVE beautiful to you?  Not anymore, sorry.  I used to call it “A beautiful game”, now it’s just “a nice game”.

Player classifications

Have you ever had a look at the recruitment channel, or at the recruitment threads on the forums?

“Looking for pvp pilots” …

“Miners/Industrialists/Mission runners wanted” …

“… check them out, they have a pretty good killboard …”

Take me.  I do some mining every now and then, build some things every now and then, run a couple of missions, do some exploration, move stuff from A to B when needed, and when bored, go for a solo roam to the nearest red dots on the map (the fact that my battleclinic kb does not have recent kills/losses, doesn’t mean I don’t go out – it only means I loose ships less frequently).  What does this make me?  How do I answer to such adverts?

Take it one step to the generic.  Why classify players?  Is it not possible in EVE to do whatever you please as long as you have the skills for it?  It’s not like you choose a race and skills and can not change them, or do other things apart from the initial set.  Why the classification?

Is it related to mindset?  Because then I’m really sorry for whoever thinks this way.  EVE is a G A M E, nothing else.  Do you want a job?  Look for it in real life, not here, where it absolutely means nothing!  What are you going to earn by doing what you are told in this game?  ISK?  And what is the real life impact of that?  Wasted time?

A warm welcome

As a player who has been around the EVE Universe for many months, I have what are called Jump Clones.  These are clones of your body that you leave at convenient stations anywhere in New Eden.  When needed you can leave your current body in another station and jump to another body somewhere else.  It’s like your soul leaving one body and going in another body, in an instant.  You are limited to one jump per 24 hours.

Having been in DION for some months, I had 2 jump clones near their base of operations.  On Saturday I jumped to one of them because I wanted to sort out some assets.  If there is one thing I hate a lot is a long assets list; so I try to gather everything in few convenient places as much as possible.

So I jumped to my jump clone in 2P-.  DION are based in A-S, one jump away towards Cloud Ring.  So I made my way to A-S in a velator.  As expected their scout was stationed in 2P- cloaked, watching just in case any nice catch was flowing by.  Most probably there was “Handown, Velator, 2P” in the intel channel at the moment I undocked.

I was not expecting very warm welcomes, or anything for that matter; a simple “hello; hi; hallo; o/” would have been enough.  After all I did not leave as an enemy.  It is also true, I was now neutral to them, but still, the name should mean something!

Anyways, I docked up in A-S had a look around, then got the stealth bomber ready for undocking.  As soon as I did I found the CEO and one of his hound dogs waiting for me by the station.  As soon as I broke the session timer, insta lock and pointed; so naturally my reaction, dock again.  I know these guys can wait for many minutes for any kill, and that night I did not want to engage my old mates – because friendship and relationships to me mean something!  So me being way past those beginner’s days when I want to do something at all costs, and knowing that those guys would wait me out, I just left the client running all night, docked up in station.  I think they had a very enjoyable night.  Still nothing in local.

Then in the morning I checked back.  There was my old friend, to whom I said “hi”.  The guy seemed cautious and he offered me free passage out of A-S.  I said that I don’t need his acknowledgement or permission to fly wherever I want and whenever I want to, also in relative safety.  Still I reiterated my “hi” and this time he said it back.  We exchanged “fly safes” and that was it, I was on my way.

What really makes me wonder are the following questions that this incident brought up in my mind:

1. Is this all for the players I am sharing this game with?  All that matters is the killmail, no matter who’s on it?

2. Do they really think that I do not know how to fly?  A-S was my home for many months, don’t they think I know the place?  Is this what they think of their members?

On my way out I met a couple of goons in another system.  As soon as I jumped in I got:

[16:30:11] Razzor Death > handown

[16:30:14] Razzor Death > pod me on station

Do I look like I’m one to go looking for kills just for the lolz??  Just because YOU do that, doesn’t mean I do it too!

Turrets! Of Autocannons, Blasters and Pulse weapons

This post is dedicated to the analysis of short range turrets.  I have heard many capsuleers talk about the autocannon and how it allows you to dictate range, and about the highly situational nature of the blasters.  I have never until now got their stats in one table and did my own comparisons.  So here it is, for my own benefit not to lose the information gathered, and for all you my readers.

The analysis considers small turrets only, keeping in mind that the pattern repeats itself on the mediums and heavy guns.  It also considers the T2 versions; once again the ratios remain the same across the whole meta range.  Also note that these are the base values which will be modified through the skills; again, the ratios remain unaltered for the same skill levels.

Tracking (rad/s)
Name of turret Value %
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.417 1.00
Light Electron Blaster II 0.365 0.88
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.362 0.87
Light Ion Blaster II 0.336 0.81
Light Neutron Blaster II 0.317 0.76
200mm AutoCannon II 0.315 0.76
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.308 0.74
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.274 0.66
Medium Pulse Laser II 0.246 0.59

We start by looking at tracking.  This number represents how fast a turret is able to rotate.  In practical terms it relates to how fast and close a ship can orbit you and still be hit.  The higher it is, the better.

Optimal range (m)
Name of turret Value %
Medium Pulse Laser II 6000 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 5400 0.90
Gatling Pulse Laser II 4800 0.80
Light Neutron Blaster II 1800 0.30
Light Ion Blaster II 1500 0.25
Light Electron Blaster II 1200 0.20
200mm AutoCannon II 1200 0.20
150mm Light AutoCannon II 1080 0.18
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 960 0.16

Optimal range is also a value taken directly from the stats of the items.  This represents how far out the turret can throw its damage.  At this range, full damage can be dealt.  Complementing this is the falloff value, also very important, but due to the high optimal of the pulse weapons, falloff of the others becomes irrelevant.

Name of turret Value %
Light Neutron Blaster II 1.20 1.00
Light Ion Blaster II 1.13 0.94
Light Electron Blaster II 1.05 0.88
Medium Pulse Laser II 1.03 0.86
200mm AutoCannon II 0.92 0.77
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.89 0.74
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.88 0.73
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.86 0.71
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.83 0.69

This value is calculated by taking the ‘damage modifier’ and dividing it by the ‘rate of fire’.  The higher this number, the more damage per second the turret does.  In this category nothing beats the blasters.

Tracking DPS
Name of turret Value %
Light Electron Blaster II 0.383 1.00
Light Neutron Blaster II 0.380 0.99
Light Ion Blaster II 0.378 0.99
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 0.344 0.90
150mm Light AutoCannon II 0.318 0.83
200mm AutoCannon II 0.291 0.76
Gatling Pulse Laser II 0.264 0.69
Medium Pulse Laser II 0.253 0.66
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 0.243 0.63

Whilst DPS is important, it quickly becomes irrelevant if you cannot hit your target.  In this table, we take the DPS calculated earlier and multiply it with the tracking speed.  The higher the number, the more we are assured that our damage hits the target.  A major assumption of this table is that the target is within the optimal range of the guns.  Once again, in this category nothing beats the blasters and the pulse weapons lose their position to the autocannons.  Consider this table if you are sure you are the one to dictate range during the engagement.

Range Tracking DPS
Name of turret Value %
Medium Pulse Laser II 1773.0 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 1496.5 0.84
Gatling Pulse Laser II 1333.7 0.75
Light Neutron Blaster II 1158.4 0.65
200mm AutoCannon II 1047.8 0.59
150mm Light AutoCannon II 1043.3 0.59
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 1018.3 0.57
Light Ion Blaster II 945.0 0.53
Light Electron Blaster II 747.3 0.42

Sometimes it is very difficult to get close to a target for using effectively the blasters.  It is very common to find yourself between 5km and 10km from a target, and this is a good range if you want to use your full ship speed, maintain a decent orbit, and make effective use of the speed tanking tactic.  It is also important to make sure that your guns are tracking effectively the target, otherwise it becomes useless to shoot.

This table considers all these factors.  The value represents DPS x optimal range x tracking.

Range Tracking
Name of turret Value %
Gatling Pulse Laser II 741 1.00
Dual Light Pulse Laser II 624 0.84
Medium Pulse Laser II 493 0.66
125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 411 0.56
Light Electron Blaster II 356 0.48
150mm Light AutoCannon II 351 0.47
200mm AutoCannon II 302 0.41
Light Ion Blaster II 280 0.38
Light Neutron Blaster II 276 0.37

If you are looking for a gun that hits something no matter what, the Gatling Pulse Laser II is the one for you.  This table considers only range and tracking.  High ranking guns in this table could be ideal to get those troublesome drones off your back, or scare away that tackler!

Unclear horizons

The time has come to leave my current corp.  I placed 45 sell orders in Syndicate using the median price as appears on

I do not have any emotion about this; I am used to changing corps, both in real life and especially in-game, but this (no emotion) is a confirmation that I am on the right track, or should I say, I wasn’t on the right track where I was.

I do not know what to do.  I definitely do not have time to spend online until the end of March, due to pressing issues planetside.  After that is done, I’ll see what’s on offer.

Until then, have fun.

Yours truly


Nobody likes losing

Welcome to the twenty-fifth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month’s topic comes to us from @Tetraetc – “Tetra’s EVE Blog” – who asks: “Have Alliances and the sovereignty system limited the amount of PVP and RP potential in Null sec? Imagine a Null Sec where anyone could build outposts wherever. Would the reduction of the alliance game mechanic, and the removal of the sovereignty game mechanics (or the modifcation of it from Alliance level to Corp level for that matter) force more PVP into Null sec, or would giant power blocs like the NC still form themselves?”


I have been thinking hard on this post.  One reason is because this is my first post that will participate in CK’s blog banter; the second reason is because this topic has been on my mind for a very long time.


I should start by writing the following sentence: nobody likes losing!  Especially in a game like EVE Online where losing a ship does not only mean respawning at a starting point but will set you back many thousands, millions, or billions (depending on the case) of isk.  For this reason, and especially in null sec where the stakes are very high, players team together and fly together.  I remember that in my younger days in Esoteria we used to be told to never fly alone, otherwise you die.


Alliances, pvp, rp; they are all game mechanics, and as long as a game mechanic is available it will be used.  I do not think that alliances limit in any way the pvp element.  From my experience I agree that the pvp element is “not right” and that it needs improvement, but it is not the fault of the game mechanic.  The cause is the players’ attitude to losses.  In more than 2 years of daily online time, I have very rarely met solo pilots looking for pvp, and the ones I’ve met and popped were noobs.  On other occasions I ended up the victim of a gang (many players flying together) and this fact, i.e. not standing a chance as opposed to losing, pushes me to avoid pvp where possible.


Wait a minute …


I like what I have just wrote: “not standing a chance to win, rather than losing, pushes me to avoid pvp where possible”!  I like it.  Come to think of it, this is true.  This is the source of my frustration at the game.  I do not think I am in a position to extrapolate this claim to the general population of New Eden, yet it could be true.  This could be the cause which if addressed properly increase pvp in New Eden.


I hope you liked my first post.  It has been written down as it came to my fingers and I liked the experience.  Hope to do others soon.  In the meantime you can check out other contributions to this edition of the blog banter.



Who cares about Sov? – Hands Off, My Loots! ~ well sorta like an entry! :p
More to come…


Syndicate is a region within New Eden, one of the many.  It has NPC sovereignty so there is no sov warfare going on.  Yet it is full of traffic and fights and you should live there if you are looking for daily fights.

I live in Syndicate.

But I am not looking for daily fights.

The fights come and go with the roaming gangs.  Sometimes you get entire fleets sniffing around looking for prey, sometimes you get the occassional dude flying solo looking for a kill, sometimes you get the occassional dude flying through minding his/her own business.  Sometimes you get nothing at all, though these are very rare occassions.

Besides, and I found this true for all other 0.0 locations, whether under player or NPC sov, is that the market lacks many things, or otherwise are expensive.  This poses great limitations to the casual player.  For example, since moving to Syndicate over 2 months ago, I haven’t flown anything except the original ship I got here (a battleship, a battlecruiser and a cruiser).  At 35 million skill points I can get in and out alive most of the time and I can get all that I want, but it’s a hassle I’m not ready to go through (hassle in the sense of hours of preparation and execution just to move stuff).

Do I want to stay in Syndicate?

I do not know the answer to this question.  All I know is that the looking-forward-to-EVE emotion has gone and infact I have also cancelled my account subscription as I am not feeling that this game will take me anywhere – infact I have started to regret the time I spend online, realising that this is at the expense of other, more worthwhile time spent doing other things.  I have until the 4th April paid up and that’s all the time EVE has to convince me to stay.

Was this the result of Syndicate?

Could be, but I feel it is more the shoot-the-shit-out-of-anything-that-is-not-blue-just-for-the-lolz attitude of many players of <0.5 New Eden, which is completely opposite to my inner calling.

Are you part of that community of players?


Corp problems?

Definitely not, the guys are a nice bunch.

What are your present feelings?

Anger, disappointment, frustration.  I have to think hard for any positive emotion to list.  The best time of my online experience has been in empire during my noob days.

Fun anywhere?

Please define fun.

What next?

I don’t know.  Maybe try a couple of other games, maybe be back, maybe not.  Maybe I’ll mature and never look at gaming any more, prefering something more practical, skillful and real, maybe I’ll die just after posting this.

My first post

Hello New Eden,

this is my first post.  I am a daily reader of blogs related to EVE Online.  In the large majority all these blogs have one thing in common; pvp.  What angers me is that all these people make it sound like the pvp gamestyle is the cool thing, actually the only cool thing.

I am not a capsuleer to sit back and believe what I am told, I have to try it out.  I’ve tried much of what the pvpers do, and for me, it’s the most disappointing experience I have every experienced (gamewise).  The enormous waste of time spent in chasing shadows, roaming around endless systems with nobody in sight (and I am talking in Syndicate and other hotspots), staring at bubbles at gate camps waiting for that one neut/red ship every hour …  To me, pvp has been the most boring part of the game.

This has also been an emotional challenge as I ask myself why I have to be the only one feeling like this.  Yet I have also come to the realisation that my feelings are shared by most of the population of New Eden, especially those that are expected to join in the “fun”.  But very few seem to have the balls to rebel to this …

Anyways, in the course of my musings, I hope to shed light on aspects of life in New Eden, as I see them.  I’m tired of hearing the rant of others, especially of the pvper-bloggers; those are the worst kind as they make it sound as though they are the victims.

Hope you enjoy my insights.


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